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Family law governs the many issues related to domestic relationships. Whatever your family matter may be, Howes Law Firm, P.C. has the experience, skill, and dedication to help you. Our firm is devoted to helping you find a resolution that will work for you and meet your needs. We offer honest and straightforward counsel and are frank about what you can expect when dealing with the family court system.

If you are involved in a family matter, contact us at (319) 264-2922 for a free initial case review with our Cedar Rapids family law attorney.

Guidance Through Family Law Matters in Iowa

Divorce and other family matters can be among the most emotionally charged experiences of a person’s life. These are intensely personal matters requiring the guidance of a trusted lawyer who is well-versed in family law.

At Howes Law Firm, P.C., we know how family courts in Cedar Rapids and Iowa view specific issues. Our attorneys understand the many ways to resolve them as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Our firm has handled family law matters since 1989, giving us a wealth of knowledge with which to serve you. A Cedar Rapids family lawyer at our firm can provide the level-headed and rational assistance you need to make informed decisions.

Our lawyers for family matters handle cases involving:

  • Divorce - Iowa is a "no-fault" divorce state, allowing couples to end their marriage without providing a specific reason to family courts. However, even an uncontested divorce can quickly become complex without the guidance of an experienced attorney. Our team can help protect you during the divorce process.
  • Child custody and visitation - Determining the custody of your child is a legally contentious process. Our attorneys can help you establish a custody agreement that works in the best interests of your child or children.
  • Child support - Whether you need to establish a plan or enforce an existing order, get our Cedar Rapids child support lawyers on your side.
  • Division of marital property - The property division process can be complicated by debt and hidden assets. Navigating this process with a family law attorney can help you ensure nothing is missed.
  • Alimony - The state of Iowa recognizes three types of spousal support - traditional, rehabilitative, and reimbursement. Our family lawyers can help you determine which type of spousal support best applies to your situation.
  • Mediation - Our attorneys are also effective mediators who can help you resolve your family legal matter out of court.
  • Separation agreements - A legal separation may be preferable to a divorce for many reasons. Our lawyers can assist you with drafting and thoroughly reviewing your separation agreement.
  • Contempt of Court - If your ex-spouse has violated an existing court order, such as not paying earned child support, we can help you file for contempt of court.
  • Post-divorce issues, including modifications - Your circumstances can change after your divorce is finalized. If you need to modify an existing court order, such as an alimony, child support, or visitation agreement, we can help you.
  • Guardianships - Whether you need to establish guardianship or appoint a guardian for your child, our attorneys can help you navigate the process.
  • Paternity - In the state of Iowa, the father of a child is presumed to be the spouse of the mother, or else the mother retains sole legal custody. We can help you legally establish paternity.
  • Adoption - Complex issues can arise during the adoption process, especially for out of state or international adoptions. Our attorneys can communicate with all involved parties to ensure a smooth adoption process.
  • Name changes - Whether you're seeking a name change as part of your divorce or via a petition, we can ensure you have everything you need to file.

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When you are facing a legal issue that hits so close to home, you may be confused and uncertain. You may even be hesitant to seek legal advice about such private issues. However, you can trust the confidentiality and sensitivity of our respected legal team. Our primary goal is to help you through whatever legal matter you are facing with genuine care.

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