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Child custody can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce, post-divorce, or paternity matter. Each parent may feel they are better suited to care for their child, or that the other parent is unfit. This can lead to intensive custody battles in court that take an emotional toll on both parents and children.

If you're facing a custody dispute, you need a legal guide who is well-versed in custody and visitation law. You need someone who understands how family courts operate and who can communicate your needs to your spouse’s lawyer or the court.

Our Cedar Rapids child custody attorneys have handled custody cases for three decades. We are extremely familiar with the local courts and with the tactics that can help you reach a workable parenting plan. Our family law attorneys understand the complexities of child custody cases and offer diligent, caring, and capable legal service to resolve your issue.

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Determining Custody of a Child in Iowa

In any situation, Iowa courts prioritize making decisions in the best interests of the child or children. They prefer to order custody agreements that allow the child to maintain a relationship with both parents. They want to encourage both parties to share in their parental rights and responsibilities.

The only exception is if one parent has a history indicating they could emotionally or physically harm the child. This includes a history of child abuse, substance abuse, or domestic violence. This can also include whether one parent has knowingly allowed a registered sex offender unsupervised access to their child.

When determining custody arrangements, courts consider:

  • The child’s age, health, and needs
  • Each parent’s age, health, and stability
  • The ability of each parent to communicate with each other about the child's needs
  • The child’s relationship with each parent and their siblings
  • The proximity of each parent’s residence
  • The child's wishes for custody, taking the child's age and maturity into account

Different states also recognize different forms of custody. The state of Iowa recognizes two types of custody: legal and physical.

  • Legal custody gives a parent the right to make decisions about major matters in the child’s life. These decisions include medical care, education, religion, safety, and more.
  • Physical custody dictates with whom the child will reside.

In general, courts favor joint custody arrangements. However, they do allow sole physical custody that includes visitation rights or overnights for the non-custodial parent. If you need help establishing a parenting agreement or even sole custody, reach out to our firm today for compassionate legal representation.

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